Program Directors

Program Directors

Kari Winsor

Born & raised in Olympia Washington, in the shadow of Evergreen State College, at an early age my eyes were opened to alternative avenues, quite literally! I spent much time as a young adult exploring the campus and what it has to offer. After graduating from my local high school I had itchy feet to travel the world landing in Tel Aviv Israel and another wonderful experience with farming food culture and nutrition. Upon my return to the states I met and married my husband, Mark Winsor a research scientist again helping to expand my world view and passion for learning and sharing knowledge. I hope to continue to assist our program in expanding to help our community continue to bloom.

Susan Moser

Susan came into our world at a farm to school conference in Portland. A Washington Native, Susan spent her young adult life in Olympia Washington as a teacher. She was instrumental in establishing Lincoln Elementary Schools beautiful garden project back in the late 70’s which is still going strong today. She was also the first farm manager of the original gardens on the Evergreen State College campus. This garden is also still going strong feeding both the regular campus cafeteria as well as the student run restaurant, The Flaming Eggplant. Her reputation still precedes her on the campus today. Susan was also one of the first pioneers of the now ubiquitous bagged salad greens. Today she helps us continue to grow our program with her wisdom and years of experience teaching, farming and being an entrepreneur.

Dick Larman

Now retired, Dicks last position was as the director for the Lewis County EDC. Dick has an extensive¬†history working tirelessly in Thurston, King, Lewis & Mason County in economic development. He brings depth and expertice in the area of business and business relationships grounding our program and giving us “teeth” in the real world.

Mark Winsor

Mark joined our board originally hesitantly, but brings our program the wonder of science and the passion of a scientist. Holding 23 patents, and an unending curiosity in the world around us, Mark brings science alive for our community through workshops at the farm, outreaches into our local schools and work with our local community college. He directs, our educational science program from Solar to hydrogen and all in between.

Jean Falb

Jean Falb is a numbers master and our accountant since the inception of our program. She continues to keep our finances in order and our vision clear. She has been with Bezy’s Business Resource Center, a community pillar for years. Jean also has a keen interest in the education of our young community members.